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FAQs for FIST Scheme

1. Who all can apply under this Scheme?

Ans: The Science Departments of Colleges/Universities & other academic institutes having Post- graduate programme in Basic Sciences, Engineering, Medical sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Animal Husbandry Sciences etc., can apply under this scheme provided the PG Programme should be in existence for minimum 3 years.

2. Does it support individual project in the Department?

Ans: The Scheme is for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in the Department as a whole and not for individual faculty.

3. In which level one can apply?

Ans: The Scheme has been broadly divided into two levels depending upon the potential of the Department. The detail definition of the levels is given at the homepage. The Department may apply in as per the guidelines provided.

4. How much support a Department can ask under this Scheme?

Ans: The Scheme has been broadly divided into two levels with different quantum of support. However the Department must ask for a realistic support depending upon their actual requirements to strengthen the areas in which they are working.

5. What are the various Budget Heads under which one can ask for support?

Ans: The support is mainly classified into four categories with different subheads, as given below:-

1) Equipment Head:

i) Major Equipment: Largely for research purpose.
ii) Minor Equipment: For Teaching purposes.

2) Infrastructure Head:

i) Renovation of existing Laboratories, museum, Animal House, Botanical Garden etc.
No fresh construction would be allowed to support.
ii) Up gradation of existing facilities (attachment or accessories for existing facilities)
iii) Reference Books for Departmental Library.

3) Networking & computational Head:

i) Setting up of a Departmental Computer Laboratory with server, few nodes, printers, scanners, UPS, furniture, software, etc (Internet connectivity to be provided by the College/University/Institute).
ii) Augmentation of existing computational facilities in the Department.

4) Maintenance Head:

i) AMC, Repair, Spares for the facilities created through FIST grant only.
ii) Refurnishing of other existing Equipment.

6. What is the tenure of the FIST Scheme?

Ans: The tenure of FIST Scheme is for 5 years from the date of issue of Ist installment of grant. The tenure of this scheme is scheme is not extended beyond 5 years under any circumstances.

7. Can the grant be used to procure other items than sanctioned one?

Ans: NO. The purpose of each grant is mentioned in the respective sanction order. The Departments are advised to strict the specific purpose including the name of Listed Equipment only. Any item/equipment, which is not approved or sanctioned, would not be considered towards expenditure without prior approval.

8. It is possible to change the Sanctioned Equipment?

NO. The Sanctioned Equipments are being identified by the Members of the Subject Expert Committee and hence cannot be changed under normal circumstances.

9. What is the procedure for getting next release after the utilization of previous installment?

Ans: Once the grant released during any installment is utilized for the purpose it was released, the Department is supposed to submit the following documents to Department of Science and Technology for processing & release of next installment:

1) Utilization Certificate.
2) Statement of Expenditure. [Blank Formats are available at homepage]
3) Assets Details, including Books (if supported)
4) Expenditure Details.

10. When are the Financial Documents to be submitted?

Ans: Financial documents are to be submitted as and when the grant is utilized for the purpose it was released.

11. Can the Department incur more than the amount of grant received?

Ans: NO. The Department should avoid incurring expenditure beyond the grant available with them. The 1st Sanction Order clearly describes the various equipment/items and the various heads along with the allocated budget. The Department may restrict their purchase and expenditure as per the allocated budget. Any over expenditure beyond sanctioned budget has to be borne by the Department/ Institute/ University and DST will not reimburse such expenditures.
12. Does the Department need to keep the grant in a saving Account?

Ans: YES. The grant released under FIST scheme needs to be kept in an interest bearing Account i.e., Saving Account. The accrued interests on the grant need to be reflected in the financial statement. As per the agreed "Terms & Conditions", it is Mandatory to keep the grant into interest bearing Account i.e., Saving Account.
13. How much time is given to a Department to utilize the installment of the grant?

Ans: The released grant is to be utilized within one Calendar Year from the date of grants released, however the Department may utilize the grant even earlier and may apply to DST with required documents (latest UC & SE) for release of next installment.

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